Library Book Bags


Speaking of libraries, my mom made these fantastic library book bags for the kids for Easter this year. Sophie’s has Olivia (one of her favorite book characters) on it, while the boys’ bags have Dr. Seuss‘s Thing 1 and Thing 2. James’s bag is the middle one—to reflect his content-to-sit-quietly-and-think personality. Owen’s is the one on the right—to reflect his love of climbing.


The kids love them and the Olivia bag already has made a trip to the library (and probably is due back for another one—I’m pretty sure Sophie believes you have to pay to use the library, the way I am with getting our books back on time).

The library, though, is one of Sophie’s favorite places to visit—and hopefully, it will be the same for Owen and James, too. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” —Cicero