Mom. Writer. Editor. Hopeful children’s book author. Hopeful embroider. Lover of antique tea cups. Traveling. Yoga. Conversation + friends + wine + fire. Handmade jewelry. Hydrangea in bloom. Morning toast with butter + coffee. Perfume, even when staying home. Deep, wrap-around front porches. Books. Ocean. Dance parties with my children. Sunrises. Sunsets. Constellations I don’t know the names of. Full moon. Want to contact me? E-mail me at


Dad. Web developer. Gamer. Sports fan. Lover of softball. Fantasy sport. Video games. Board games. Card games. Mind games.

Sophie Olivia

Daughter. Five years old. Lover of painting. Dancing. Singing. Puzzles. Back scratches. Ramona. Swirly slides. Swirly dresses. Dessert. Convincing us she can have more dessert. Homemade forts. Running from the Tickle Monster. Princesses. Parties. Pink.

Owen Oscar

Son. Two years old. Lover of trains. Fire trucks. Buses. Things on wheels that go. Train sets. Thomas. Being held upside down. Eskimo kisses. Pointing out the moon.

James Orion

Son. Two years old. Lover of pirates. Ships. Jake. Climbing. Back scratches. Being tickled. Snuggling under a blanket. Food.