An Egg Hunt


The Saturday before Easter Christine, Connor, Tari, Whitney and Lauren came to my house so we could all walk over to the annual Spring Egg Hunt at Tower Park. (I went last year, too!) Connor gave me birthday presents, including a fish puzzle with a pole and everything, which I love.


Then we played with my house before it was time to go.


Angel, Marty and Zoey walked with us!


I think Mom’s more excited than I am in this picture.


Here’s Connor, sporting his very cool Cincinnati Reds baseball cap …


and Whitney and Lauren.


And here I am, waiting very patiently.


There were lots and lots of eggs.


And boy did those eggs go fast. Mom finally scooped me up, ran me to the middle of the field, grabbed one egg for me and put it in my basket.


I thought I’d get a lot more eggs than that.


On the way home, it was very, very windy. So windy, I had to cover my eyes with my hands. And then I fell asleep. This, apparently, bothered Mom greatly. Something about not taking naps when in my warm bed, music playing, surrounded by quilts and favorite stuffed animals, but then falling asleep while outside in a windstorm. What can I say?

I loved my plastic egg, though, even if I did only get one. And I had fun with my friends.

“I’m youth, I’m joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.” —James Matthew Barrie