Hanging Out with Grandma & Grandpa


This summer has been so much fun. I’ve been able to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Uhl so much! First they came for Dad’s birthday, then they came for an entire week to help us get our house ready to put “on the market,” something Mom and Dad talk about constantly although I have no idea what it means except that our house is clean all the time now and our yard has never looked prettier, thanks to Grandpa. And now we’re in Boston visiting them! But these are just some pictures from when they were in Ft. Thomas.



Grandma and Grandpa let me do things Mom and Dad never let me do, like take dog food out of the dog food container and feed Tucker. Trust me. It’s so funny. Tucker gets so, so excited and then he licks you and then everyone laughs and you can do it like 100 times.


Grandma also let me play with her Blackberry. She even showed me the fun buttons to push!


She also played blocks with me …


and read my pop-up book to me 100,000 times. I did. not. like. it. when Mom put it back on the bookshelf.


Anytime I saw Grandma playing Babble …


I insisted on helping.



We also went to Dad’s softball game.


I gave Grandma and Grandpa a bit of a break and played with my new friend.


We liked to swing our legs and kick the mulch together.


After the game Grandma let me play in the water fountain.

“The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.” —Sam Levenson