Finally, Halloween

Sophie dressed up as Rapunzel for her preschool Halloween party (she was just a little bit excited).

a preschool Halloween craft

preschool Halloween goodies

Pumpkin carving time! (Somehow we managed to not do this until Halloween. As such, we only had time to carve one. Boys, if you’re reading this as adults someday, I’m sorry. But to be fair, you wanted nothing to do with carving Sophie’s pumpkin so I’m pretty sure we would have ended up carving all of yours for you.

Sophie chose Rapunzel for her pumpkin (of course).

And she did much of the carving herself this year.


The boys’ costumes, on display, because they refused to wear them.


Grandma and Pop Pop came this year and dressed up, too!

All three understood trick-or-treating this year. They were great at saying “trick-or-treat”—still reminding them about the “thank you” part.

It was so cold. And spitting rain. James had no hat and his teeth start chattering so I made him wear mine. Warmed by the excitement of it all, I’m sure all three would have stayed outside much longer than we allowed them.

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” —Erma Bombeck

Peanut Butter Cookies & a Parade

Great Grandma came to visit—with huge peanut butter cookies. Aunt Janeil was more than willing—and got everyone else—to participate in a parade. The kids wanted to try on their costumes before my parents left. This is the only picture I have of all three of them in their costumes—the boys refused to wear them on Halloween. Still, they do make a pretty cute Rapunzel, Thomas and Percy, no?

“Cookies are made of butter and love.” —Norwegian Proverb

Sophie’s Skeleton

She loves her preschool. So do we.

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” —George Bernard Shaw


While Aunt Janeil visited we went to the 5th Annual Track-n-Treat at the wonderful A.S.K. Playground in Eaton, Ohio, which my Uncle Corey raised money for and helped build through his job at the Preble County DD. Owen refused to wear his costume and ride the hay wagon, but loved all the candy. Sophie loved to swing (I think, in part, to watch her long Rapunzel hair flow). James kept sneaking candy … I think he had at least five lollipops by night’s end. After we all went to Skyline, where a woman was nice enough to inform me that I left our side van door open (again). She assumed it was my van door based on the kids surrounding me at the restaurant and the large amount of kid stuff in our van.

“Bring forth the raisins and the nuts-
Tonight All-Hallows’ Spectre struts
Along the moonlit way.” —John Kendrick Bangs

Neltner’s Farm

Pumpkin hunting at one of our favorite places.

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” —Henry David Thoreau