Tom’s 30th Birthday

Early October Sophie and I joined my mom and dad for a trip to North Carolina to help celebrate my brother-in-law Tom’s 30th birthday. Because they already had a full house we stayed in a hotel, which Sophie loved. She had so much fun running the long hallway to our room, admiring the swirly carpet. She was ecstatic about sharing a bed with me, without having to plead. She loved that there wasn’t a footboard on our bed and that she was able to slide down off the end of the mattress and onto the floor over and over and over. And oh, the breakfast buffet. She discovered Fruit Loops—I don’t think she realized cereal could be so colorful or full of sugar.

She was great on the drive. We left late Friday afternoon and got to the hotel very late Friday night (or, morning, rather).


The next day we went directly over to Katy and Tom’s house, and Sophie was instantly put to work icing cupcakes.


The task had an added benefit, which she was quite happy with.


And then Colleen woke up from her morning nap. Sophie and Colleen sat on my mom’s laugh and just smiled and giggled and smiled and giggled. Oh for the chance for them to do that every weekend with each other …


my dad and Colleen


Tom’s sister Christine made lovely party decorations.


There were several children for Sophie to play with at the party—these two were practically inseparable.


Happy birthday, Tom!


Katy with Colleen and Max—see, Katy, you’re so good with two! 🙂


Everything was beautiful. This is Katy and Tom’s garage. It was spotless and filled with tables, chairs, mums, football on TV—a perfect party.


I love this picture.


We spent a lot of time in the hammock.


Nini and Colleen


Pop Pop and Colleen


Sophie made Tom a birthday card.


Tom’s sister Christine and Colleen


Tom’s family bought Tom Legos (which he loves) and graciously gave a kit to each of the children. Sophie loved her little boat and loved helping Tom with the other kits.


Sophie and Alex


Tom’s mom and a sleeping Colleen


Once darkness fell there was fire and we roasted marshmallows—a first for Sophie. This is one of my most favorite things to do and although she was exhausted and pretty much at her breaking point, I loved introducing her to this well-loved life treat.


beautiful Katy and beautiful Colleen


Saturday night Sophie woke up suddenly, coughing like a seal. Yes, croup. So she was unable to see Katy, Tom and Colleen Sunday morning, before our drive home. Sophie and I stayed in the hotel room and colored while my parents had breakfast with them and Tom’s family, and then my parents took Sophie to a park so I could say goodbye to Katy, Tom and Colleen.

The leaves were beautiful on the drive home.

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” —Albert Einstein