Tall Tales from Preschool

Today Sophie was much more eager to tell me what she did at preschool. Here are some snippets of our conversation:

Me: “Did you have snacks today? I bet you had brussels sprouts, didn’t you?”

Sophie: “No! There was a big bag of candy and we each took turns jumping in it.”

Me: “Really?”

Sophie: “Yes. And then we had 55 cookies. And brussels sprouts.”

And later …

Me: “So what was your favorite activity at school today?

Sophie: “We played hide-and-go seek and tag. We chased each other.”

Me: “You’re allowed to run in preschool?’

Sophie: “You’re not allowed to run in preschool.

Me: “So how did you play hide-and-go seek and tag in preschool if you’re not allowed to run in preschool?”

Sophie: “Well as you play tag someone runs and then someone runs with them and then you try to tag their belly, like this. And to play hide-and-go-seek you count and the other person hides and then you find them!”

Me: “But how did you play those games without running?”

Sophie: “We just walked.”

Me: “Did you really play those games?”

Sophie: “We really did.”

And later…

Me: “Were there more kids there today?”

Sophie: “Yes. Five boys and 100 girls.”

Me: “Wow, that’s a lot of girls. Did you play with any of them?”

Sophie: “Yes. Arabella. Arabella, Arabella (singing, now) Araaaaa…belllll…a!”

Me: “What did the two of you do?”

Sophie: “Me and Owen and James and Arabella walked down the street without you. We went to Zoey’s house. We went up to her room and took all the pillows off her bed. Then we had a pillow fight.”

Me: “Really?”

Sophie: “Yes. It was really fun.”

And later …

Me: “So what did you really do in preschool today?”

Sophie: “Right now I’m just tired and tired and tired. And it’s a secret. That I can NOT tell.”

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all.” —Hans Christian Andersen