A Switch

For months I’ve been wanting to switch my blog from Blogger to WordPress for many reasons and last night, all thanks to my husband, we did. Now it should be much easier to comment directly on my blog, which, according to those who are much better at building their readership than I am, is important. There are also buttons to share specific posts on Facebook, Twitter and reddit. If anything’s amiss, please let me know. (And a special thanks to Dara of Blessed Ink for the new logo and little house with the bee inside of it—I love it!) Also, if you have a blog that you update regularly and you would like me to include you in my link list, please let me know. I’m happy to add you!

Finally, thanks for reading. I imagine I would do this even if I were the only reader simply because I enjoy it so much, but I do appreciate the time spent listening to my babble as well as the comments. It’s a strange thing at times, to be so open so publicly. Especially when someone I don’t know well comments, in real life, about something I did or thought or felt three weeks ago. I think, How do they know that? And then I remember. I wrote about it. Because, you see, I have to write about it. On days when I’m feeling really grumpy I think about the last time I wrote an essay. If days have passed, I know what I need to do. It’s better than medicine, better than yoga, better than a glass of wine. And with feedback—good or bad—I feel heard, consoled, challenged and am made better. Especially when the days are long and my only other companions are three children—whom I love dearly—but whom I can’t converse with in the same manner as I do here. So thank you.

“Every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible.” —Frank Moore Colby