Things I Heard …

while frantically trying to clean the house for Grandma and Great Aunt Fran’s visit:

• “Mommy, there is cheese all over the couch.”

• James’s head hitting the toilet after trying (and failing) to cling to the edge of the clawfoot tub while wearing fuzzy footed pjs and standing on tile floor (he’s OK).

• “Mommy, I need milk!”

• The boys, crying for milk.

• “Mommy, I need juice!”

• The boys, crying for milk.

• “Mommy! I went potty! And there’s pee on the floor! A lot of pee.

• Tucker barking (I forgot he was outside).

• “Mommy, look!” I look and Sophie is licking her hand and then wiping it on the fridge, two minutes after I had sprayed the fridge doors with Windex, ridding it of fingerprints.

• The boys waking up from their morning nap much too soon.

“We labor to make a house a home, then every time we’re expecting visitors, we rush to turn it back into a house.” —Robert Brault