Woodfill’s Big Top Festival





Several weekends ago we walked to Woodfill Elementary’s annual Big Top Festival. Sophie played games …


and won many prizes, including a handful of Dum Dum lollipops,  Smarties (her favorite), a Blow Pop (she wasn’t happy when we wouldn’t let her eat the gum—we finally compromised and let her have a lick of it), a pin-ball game (which broke on the way home), a large purple ball (which we play “baseball game” with daily), a sticky man (which was dropped on the way home—Andy retraced our steps and unfortunately, never found it) and …



an airbrushed butterfly tattoo!

And I kid you not, we spent a whopping $2 in tickets for all this loot.


Finally, while there, we got to take a look at the finished portion of the new school, which is the school Sophie will someday attend. It was so strange to think of her going through the cafeteria line, trading Swiss Cake Rolls for Nutty Bars, participating in a school play on the stage. She already seemed so old at the festival, handing her tickets to older children, correctly playing games, voicing her opinion over results, prizes, what she wanted to do next.

But still, she’s 2-1/2. Several days later, when she was telling my mom about the festival, she called it the Tank Top Festival.

I love that.

“You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed.” —Rabindranath Tagore