How Sophie Amuses Herself While I Pump


I used to be so strict about TV time. And using the chair as a jungle gym. And getting out all the toys in the toy basket without putting any away. But these days, so much of my time is spent nursing, bottle feeding, pumping and diapering—the boys, not Sophie. Thankfully, Sophie does well with independent play. But she’s 2. Independent play only can last so long before boredom sets in, wanting my attention sets in, trying to get away with things she’s usually not allowed to do sets in.

But I don’t mind stickers on me—never have. And Andy thought it was particularly funny, once home, when he found a sticker of a blue hat placed perfectly on top of my head (unknown to me). And really, that makes perfect sense—putting a hat sticker on top of a head. And if covering me in stickers keeps Sophie happy, and means one less crying child in the room, well, I’m happy to walk around covered in them any day.

“All man’s troubles come from not knowing how to sit still in one room.” —Blaise Pascal