A Quilt for James



To help keep James warm during his longer stay in the NICU, my mom made this beautiful quilt for him, in, seemingly, a day. She went to great effort (including research and a call to the NICU) to make sure the specially purchased flannel backing was soft enough and appropriate for a preemie. Even though James has been home little more than a week now, we still wrap him up in this quilt—just yesterday it was used to shield him from the rain. Thanks, Mom.

“The best thing about doing needlepoint for very small children is that they are so uncritical. The don’t say things like, ‘I see you’ve missed some stitches over here on the leg, was that intentional?’ or ‘Was this creature blinded in a fight?’ They will clasp it in their little arms and love it besottedly, inseparably as the thing becomes more and more rancid.” —Carole Berman and Jennifer Lazarus