Bringing Home Owen


We had so hoped Sophie would have been able to meet her brothers in the NICU, but she battled a virus too long—so in the meantime, pictures on the computer had to do.


But finally Owen was able to come home, Thursday, May 27. He weighed X. Here’s our last picture of Owen and James together, in the NICU.


Owen did not like his car seat at first …


but he calmed down considerably on the nerve-wracking (for me, at least) drive home.


Finally, Sophie and Owen meet! Owen gave Sophie a car. Sophie gave Owen plastic toys (which she called bottles) that you push together to form chains. She picked it out on her own. She talked about the “bottles” constantly, and I thought for sure when finally allowed to open them she would want to play with them.


But instead she placed them, one at a time, on top of Owen in his car seat (and to this day she still makes sure they’re in the pack-n-play for Owen to play with).


First time in the pack-n-play (on top of the quilt Jill made for Andy when he was a baby!).


Nini and Owen



Sophie also got a present from Nini and Pop Pop to help celebrate Owen’s arrival—a beautiful, handmade baby doll cradle.


Jill and Owen


Welcome home, Owen.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” —Jane Austen