31-1/2 Weeks


Baby A: It’s difficult to see much in pictures now, as the babies are getting bigger. (And note that they must have keyed in the gestational age incorrectly—they’re not 24 weeks, as printed on the pictures, but rather they’re 31 weeks 3 days.)


Baby A (in 4D!)


Baby B: He or she was shy today—it was difficult to see his or her face.

I had a great ultrasound (my last one unless I make it another four weeks!) and appointment today. According to the ultrasound (where there is a lot of room for error) Baby A weighs 3 lbs., 5 oz. and Baby B weighs 2 lbs., 13 oz.—combined, they weigh more than Sophie did when she was born. Baby A is still head down and Baby B is still breech.

I’m now 2cm dilated and 60-70 percent effaced (compared to 1cm-2cm dilated and 50 percent effaced a week ago) but my doctor promised me this was normal at this stage, as long as I’m not feeling contractions (and I’m not). I got more information on what “modified” bed rest means—basically, I’m OK doing what I’m doing (sleeping upstairs at night, sitting on the couch during the day). However I did get permission to do a day trip to my parents’ house in Liberty Twp. this week, which I’m quite excited about. My mom will drive and I’m supposed to rest (on the couch or in bed) while there. And that’s fine—I’m ready to look at some different walls and I think Sophie will enjoy the change of scenery as well.

It was so nice to put on jeans and a little mascara today, get outside and interact with strangers. I do, however, find myself tiring more easily, which may be because of the bed rest or because I’m 31-1/2 weeks pregnant with twins or a combination of both. This time my ultrasound was at a perinatal center at Christ Hospital and my appointment was at Good Samaritan Hospital. I was walking with my mom and Sophie back to the van after my appointment at Good Sam, telling them both all that the doctor had said when I found myself out of breath—so much so that I had to wait until I was seated in the van to finish talking.

All in all I’m just so happy the appointment went well and I feel confident that I’ll be celebrating 32 weeks Saturday and then some. (Fingers crossed.)

“If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters.” —Nora Ephron