27-1/2 weeks


The babies are doing great. Baby A weighs 2 lbs., 9 oz. and Baby B weighs 1 lb., 15 oz. (I, however, have gained 28 pounds!) I was a little concerned about Baby B’s rate of growth compared to Baby A but apparently the weight they come up with after viewing the babies via ultrasound isn’t all that accurate. Both hearts are still beating strong. I was lucky to have my dad and both of Andy’s parents there with me for the ultrasound. I go back in two weeks for an appointment only.

Baby A is still head down but now Baby B is breech. I thought this would mean I’d be scheduling an ultrasound but apparently if Baby A is head down and Baby B is smaller than Baby B I can still do a VBAC even though Baby B is breech. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on VBACs with twins, though, so we haven’t made any final decisions yet. For now, I’m just happy they’re happy with staying put.

And, as you can see, Sophie loves my now built-in pillow.

“I begin to love this creature,
and to anticipate her birth
as a fresh twist to a knot,
which I do not wish to untie.” —Mary Wollstonecraft