Ultrasound—23-1/2 Weeks

Ultrasound 2010-03-03 D

Baby A: 1 pound, 6 oz.

Ultrasound 2010-03-03 C

Baby A’s heart rate: 141 bpm

Ultrasound 2010-03-03 K

Baby B: 1 pound, 3 oz.

Ultrasound 2010-03-03 F

Baby B’s heart rate: 152 bpm


Baby Bump: March 1, 23 weeks 2 days

My appointment couldn’t have gone better. My OB was very pleased with how much the babies weighed (and OK with how much I have gained, although I fear it’s a lot). She was happy with the babies’ heart rates and the amount of fluid they were floating in. I have no restrictions—yet. I’m still able to pick up Sophie (as long as I do so with my legs, not my back), practice yoga (as long as I don’t feel lightheaded or uncomfortable) and travel (which made me want to book a flight to Paris, or at least drive to the ocean for a few days, but Andy kept me in check).

I now start going to the doctor every two weeks, with ultrasounds at every other appointment. Although the ultrasounds take a long time, I love them. I love not only feeling the babies move, but seeing them move, and watching those tiny, four-chambered hearts beat and beat and beat oh so fast. Because of work, Andy’s not able to attend each one. I’m thankful for my mom’s help (and, at the last one, my grandma’s!) so that Sophie has someone to sit with. I think Sophie likes watching the babies “on TV,” but I also think she worries, too. Through most of it she asks to hold my hand (which I not-so-secretly love). I think she’s going to be a great big sister.

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” —E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web