Ultrasound—15-1/2 Weeks

January 6 I had an ultrasound and doctor’s appointment—everyone is doing fine. Here’s Baby A, sucking his or her thumb.

Beautiful Baby A again, with a seemingly straight spine (as someone who has scoliosis, and dealt with months of brace wearing and a spinal fusion, I’m hoping it stays that way!).

And here’s Baby B. While Baby A was more active, Baby B will quite still, simply floating contentedly—so all of Baby B’s pictures look like this one.

But these babies are already giving me Mom Guilt, and I can’t post two pictures of one and one picture of another. So here’s beautiful Baby B, again.

We saw two strong beating hearts and all three of us seem to be doing well, although I’m finding this pregnancy much more difficult than my last one. I’m 17 weeks pregnant now, and the babies are the size of turnips. (Turnips!) For several days I thought I felt kicking—Andy confirmed those reassuring kicks with me Monday evening, January 4. Now I find myself constantly searching for them—and don’t mind yet not being able to fall asleep because of them.

“All the time we wondered and wondered, who is this person coming/growing/turning/floating/swimming deep, deep inside.” —Crescent Dragonwagon