Now that we know Tucker isn’t going to eat the formal dining room table legs and Sophie knows better than to play with the handmade pottery sitting on the handmade Arts & Crafts bookcase (we hope), we’ve taken down the baby gate that once blocked off entry into the dining room from the kitchen. Sophie was thrilled with our decision. Now she can circle the entire house—living room to kitchen to dining room to living room. It doesn’t seem so long ago when I remembered the joy of discovering circle walks in people’s homes. However, her favorite way to engage in the circle walk is by marching. “March!” she’ll say (over and over and over again). “March!” She loves to lead. But she insists on having someone follow. Tucker happily joins in, too. And with every pass of her toy bin she picks up a new toy—that you must carry. Oh, and some sort of singing is necessary, too. “March!”

“Every life is march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice.” —Lyman Abbott