Happy Birthday, Pop Pop!


Earlier this month we celebrated Pop Pop’s 55th birthday—I can’t even count that high! First, we had dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market. I ate most of Mom’s mashed potatoes.



Once home, I got to carry all the presents from the living room to the family room.


Then I got to help Nini put the candles in the cake!


Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” (I’m still learning that song) and then Pop Pop blew out his candles. Oh, and mom said he made a wish! Or, at least he was supposed to make a wish. I have to remember that for my birthday, which Mom says is still very far away.


Cards were next. He read mine—which I made all by myself—first! (Well, Mom did help me with the writing on the inside.)


Then, presents!

Happy birthday, Pop Pop!

“There is still no cure for the common birthday.” —John Glenn