Visiting Aunt Katy & Uncle Tom


In addition to a football, bath toys and a Greensboro Grasshoppers T-shirt, Aunt Katy and Uncle Tom gave me this beautiful bookmark, which Aunt Katy made.


I loved looking at the birds from their deck.


They introduced me to southern-style BBQ, but I liked my Goldfish crackers better.


These magnets were the best—and right at my height!


We went to Mayberry’s for ice cream. At first I kept saying “no,” “no,” “no,” pushing Mom’s hand away. But eventually she shoved some vanilla ice cream into my mouth and you know what? It was SO good! Then I said “no,” “no,” “no,” every time Mom tried to eat her own ice cream because I wanted to be fed! (As you can see in this picture Aunt Katy also let me play with her cell phone. I love her.)


Here we are in our Greensboro Grasshoppers T-shirts. I’m a big fan. I went to one of their games—last season. (I’m so old I can say things like “last season” now!)


I got to take a bath in a grown-up tub—and play with my new bath toys!


Aunt Katy also read me lots of her books. And aren’t her nails pretty? Uncle Tom watched me while she and Mom got manicures. I hate having my nails clipped so I don’t know why they were so excited about that.



On our last night we drove to downtown Winston-Salem to eat at a pizza place, the Mellow Mushroom. The wait was long and I was impatient and poor Mom had to walk me up and down the streets of Winston-Salem, singing the alphabet and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” The pizza sure was good, though! (Well, so Mom tells me. I refused to eat it opting for delicious crackers instead.)


And then Mom woke me up at 4:30am(!) to get on a plane again. She was pretty sad in the airport when we said goodbye to Aunt Katy and Uncle Tom. She even cried a little. But I hugged her and she felt better.

(We also went to the zoo but more on that, later.)

“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double.” —Toni Morrison