Perfect Baby



Often, I find myself bouncing Sophie on my hip, standing beside a restaurant table or booth, trying to keep her happy and calm as I point out other babies and toddlers to her in the restaurant, quietly sitting in their high chairs eating their food. Although Sophie struggled a few times at her birthday party (which is only to be expected), she was, truly, a perfect baby that night at Ferrari’s. It was past her bedtime. Her nap had been short. Her dinner was late. But throughout our meal she scribbled with her crayons instead of just chewing them. She ate pasta—so much pasta. She didn’t cry. She didn’t whine. She didn’t try to squirm out of her high chair. It was wonderful.

“The age of your children is a key factor in how quickly you are served in a restaurant. We once had a waiter in Canada who said, ‘Could I get you your check?’ and we answered, ‘How about the menu first?'” —Erma Bombeck