My Christmas Vacation


I helped Mom wrap presents. I wrinkled wrapping paper, flung ribbon and banged on boxes.


I went to Nini’s kindergarten class Christmas party. I watched the big kids eat treats, make crafts and search for words, and I got to sit on Nini’s lap when she read a Christmas book.


I saw Christina graduate (she’s somewhere in there) …


… and while someone read lots and lots of names, I tried to sit still and do quiet things, like touch Nini’s jacket.


But there were a lot of names and I got a little restless. So Mom and Dad took turns walking me around NKU’s Bank of Kentucky Center.


After graduation, I went to my first sushi restaurant


… where we celebrated Christina’s graduation.


That night we went to Grandpa and Nini’s house.


The grownups played Pictionary …


… and I put the drawings in my mouth.


At home the next day, I crawled off the carpet, onto the hardwood floor and over to the metal register so I could bang my hands on it. And guess what? Hot air came out of it! Now I crawl over to it all the time.


I played blocks with Uncle Tom, Aunt Katy and Uncle Kyle.


And then I went from a sitting position to a standing position all by myself. (What can I say? We had company. I had to show off.)


Uncle Kyle told me to keep both hands on the ottoman, and I should have listened, because eventually I did fall down.


After another outfit change (don’t ask) Aunt Katy held me. I love having aunts and uncles in town.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” —Burton Hillis