Holmes County

Last week Sophie, my mom, my grandma and I visited Holmes County, known for its Amish communities, rich in food and scenery, and a part of my (and now Sophie’s) heritage. My grandma grew up there, met my grandpa there and the two of them started their lives in the area. I have many fond memories of weekend trips to Millersburg, OH, with my family and extended family.

Sophie and I in a typical Amish buggy.

One of two slices of pecan pie I ate on the trip.

Dad and a not-too-happy Sophie at Boyd & Wurthmann’s. (Dad came up for the day to attend Tom’s grandmother’s funeral.)

This picture was my mom’s idea. 🙂

Sophie and Aunt Katy, who hadn’t seen Sophie since she was a week old!

Katy, Sophie and Tom.

Four generations.

My sister.

Aunt Katy and Sophie, outside of Lehman’s, where I bought clothespins and cookie cutters.

Sophie struggled a bit on the way home. Here she’s taking a break from the car seat at a park with my grandma. I love this picture.

“The Amish had found an answer to the question, ‘How can I live a good life?’ They modeled another way to be. Their view of the world is different than mine, so they reached different conclusions about how to live. Their conclusions are not THE WAY, but one way—a way that works for them. Their life is a celebration of the ordinary.” —Sue Bender, Plain and Simple