Where Bluebirds Fly



Thursday Linda and I celebrated her 60th birthday at Pompilios. After dinner Linda stopped by to see Sophie. Saturday, Linda and her sister, Lisa, who was visiting from Chicago, stopped by again. And Sunday Linda brought me two delicious cupcakes Megan made for her birthday celebration at work! I miss working with Linda at Popular Woodworking, so it was great to spend time with her.


Friday my parents gave Andy and I some Reds tickets and volunteered to watch Sophie while we went to the game. Sophie cheered for the Reds at home, in her first Reds T-shirt.





Saturday Sophie, Andy and I met friends for dinner at a great new Greek restaurant in Liberty Township, Greek Isles. I took full advantage of the fact that I’m allowed 500 extra calories a day because of breastfeeding. We saw Dave and Danielle, who just returned from their Hawaiian honeymoon, Matt, who was in town from Michigan, and our good friend John (seen behind the counter in the first picture) waited on us.


This weekend I also took some clothes to a local consignment shop and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they sell children’s clothes. I bought this great, red jacket from my favorite I-love-everything-but-can’t-afford-any-of-it-unless-it’s-really-on-sale baby clothes store, Janie and Jack.

Saturday, when driving home from dinner, I saw a big, beautiful rainbow. I immediately squealed in delight and said, “Sophie, look! Your first rainbow!” She continued sleeping in her car seat. And while the last thing I want to do is wish her life away, I thought how fun it’s going to be to someday say, “Sophie, look! A rainbow!” and for her to see and comprehend it. If Andy’s in the car, I’m sure she’ll get some scientific explanation about why rainbows exist. And if I’m in the car, I’m sure I’ll babble on about the sun, the rain, luck, pots of gold and happy endings. But I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of motherhood—being able to introduce to someone, for the first time, bits and pieces of this world I love so much.

Sunday Andy helped Sophie nurse her cold while I did some freelance editing.

Despite the cold Sophie is still battling, it was a good weekend.

“The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.” —Henry David Thoreau